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5 reasons you should get a FetchPro and SonicFetch

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FetchPro has an adjustable gripper so you can use almost any size or shape dog toy for fetch.
FetchPro comes with a toy called SonicFetch! SonicFetch whistles when thrown. Dogs play more with toys that make noise!
FetchPro and SonicFetch (shown with included extension pole)

Why FetchPro?

  • Fetch is one of the best ways to exercise and train your dog. But touching slobbery toys is gross, and picking up and throwing toys by hand is very tiring for the human.
  • FetchPro is a fully adjustable fetch tool to make fetch easier, cleaner, and safer for kids and adults.
  • Tennis ball launchers are designed for tennis balls, but dog toys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes….only FetchPro can make it easier to pick up and throw almost any size or shape dog toy!

FetchPro’s main benefits:

1. Adjustable gripper. (US patent #US9585367B2) FetchPro’s adjustable gripper allows “hands free” pick up of almost any size and shape dog toy, so you don’t get gross slobber on your hand.

2.  Adjustable length. Works with kids and adults, indoor or outdoors. The length of FetchPro can also be adjusted which is helpful for how tall the person is using it. Also, the length of the FetchPro is important for how heavy the toy is and how far the toy is being thrown. 

Size comparison of FetchPro with extention pole vs. FetchPro without extension pole.

3. Easier to throw far. Using FetchPro requires less effort than throwing by hand, and actually makes it easier to throw toys far. 

Dogs prefer toys that make noise!

  • Each SonicFetch has 12 whistles that whistle when the ball is thrown
  • Dogs love the sound SonicFetch makes and are very excited to chase and retrieve it
  • SonicFetch is easier for dogs to track because they can hear when and where the ball is thrown
  • SonicFetch is durable but soft with it’s superior design, manufacturing technique, and material
  • No batteries, the whistles are wind powered and are not electronic

Playing with your dog will bring more happiness and harmony into your life.